How to help your body reverse diabetes naturally and permanently?

How to help your body reverse diabetes naturally and permanently?

Many people wonder whether it’s achievable to reverse diabetes. What is the natural antidote for diabetes? Diabetes was formerly believed to be an incurable, lifelong ailment, however, it is now feasible to reverse the disease with the right people and at the right time of diagnosis.

Diabetes is considered to have been reversed when your HbA1c is less than 6.5% and stays within this level for at least 6 months without the use of medications. Naturally, everyone’s next thought is how to cure diabetes so they may stop taking their medications and enjoy carefree lifestyles.

Two phases make up the basic plan to reverse diabetes

1. Determine the appropriate people who have the best probability of reversing diabetes

Determine the appropriate people who have the best probability of reversing diabetes

  • Shorter duration of diabetes – less than 5 years
  • HbA1c at the time of diagnosis is less than 9%
  • Higher BMI – over 23 kg/sq. m.
  • Age under 60 years
  • Dedicated and motivated people

2. Identify what specifically caused their blood sugar to spike

Everything you eat has an instant effect on your blood sugar levels. For instance, your blood sugar levels may rise to 136 mg/dL (within the normal range) after eating two multigrain burritos and to 208 mg/dL (higher than normal) after eating two burritos. likewise, the glycemic reaction differs from individual to individual as well as depending on the food you eat.

So you may live a healthy lifestyle without limits by learning a little bit about which specific foods boost your blood sugar levels. To put it another way, you will be able to control your everyday life by choosing wise and educated lifestyle decisions. Utilizing a tailored glycemic response will help you achieve this. This describes how the human body reacts to different dietary habits, adjustments in relaxation, anxiety, and exercise.

What Is the Natural Diabetes Treatment?

Diabetes cannot be cured naturally, but it can be reversed. Research has shown that reversing diabetes requires a comprehensive, systematic approach. Nearly 40% of persons with type 2 diabetes have successfully reversed their condition by making significant dietary, activity, and weight modifications.

How to Permanently Reverse Diabetes by Modifying Your Lifestyle?

1. Use a restorative diet to reverse diabetes

Use a restorative diet to reverse diabetes

Reduced calories, especially those from carbohydrates, should be part of any diet that aims to cure diabetes. Employ a low-carbohydrate diet and limit your daily intake of carbs to 200 grams, or 45 to 60 grams each meal. In conclusion, consumption of less is always desirable! As a replacement, pick a range of organic produce, good fats like omega-3 fatty acids, full grains, and lean meats like eggs, lentils, soy, beans, poultry, etc.

2. Regular exercise

Start by engaging in a weight-loss and blood sugar-stabilizing workout regimen. A minimum of 150 minutes, or 30 minutes, should be spent working out each week. Exercises that combine cardio and strength training with the goal of gaining muscle are crucial. You can opt for bite-sized exercises, which divide a high-intensity workout into three sessions of 10 minutes each, or you can choose to exercise for 30 minutes at a time. But the secret is to be consistent. If you stop, you won’t be able to reverse your diabetes.

3. Reduce body weight 

According to research, if a person loses 10% or more of their body weight during the first five years of being diagnosed with diabetes, their chances of having their diabetes reversed increase significantly. To lose weight, you must follow a correct diet plan, eat healthily, and engage in regular physical activity like weightlifting or strength training. You can cure diabetes by losing weight by eating a nutrient-dense diet with fewer calories. You should also consume no more than a moderate amount of alcohol and abstain from sugary foods and beverages.

4. Cut off these ingredients from your diet

Some foods cause inflammatory processes, negatively affect blood sugar levels, and boost the immune system. Avoid consuming these foods as your first step in naturally healing diabetes.

The worst culprits for fast-boosting blood sugar levels when combined with refined sugar include soda, fruit juice, and other sugary drinks. 

These sugars easily enter the bloodstream and sharply increase blood sugar levels. While natural sweeteners like natural honey and natural maple syrup are superior substitutes, only infrequently consume them because they can still affect blood sugar levels. The best option is to switch to stevia, a naturally occurring sweetener with less impact. 

Grains: Grains, especially those that include gluten, such as wheat, have a high carbohydrate content that is quickly converted to sugar after consumption. Leptin, cortisol, and blood sugar levels may all be impacted by intestinal damage caused by gluten. I suggest eliminating all grains from your diet for 90 days while your body adjusts to this therapeutic program. Following that, you can try reinstating small quantities of ancient grains in your diet. 

Alcohol: Alcohol can seriously elevate blood sugar levels and harm the liver. Research published in Annals of Internal Medicine found a correlation between excessive alcohol consumption—defined as three drinks or more per day—and a 43 percent greater prevalence of diabetes. Alcohol with added sugars, such as beer and sweet liquors, should be avoided. 

Genetically modified (GMO) foods: GMO maize, soy, and canola have been linked to kidney and liver issues and may promote diabetes. I suggest eliminating all packaged and GMO foods from your diet. Pick products that are organic or GMO-free.

5. Extract of Bitter Melon

Extract of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon reduces blood sugar levels and regulates the amount of insulin the body needs. Studies have shown that bitter melon extract can help manage and decrease the signs and symptoms of diabetes, including insulin resistance, and issues with the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, eyes, and hormones.


  • Diabetes recuperation is not available to every individual
  • Diabetes is considered to have been reversed when your HbA1c is less than 6.5% and you maintain this level for at least 6 months without taking any medication.
  • Diabetes can be healed by changing one’s eating habits, exercise routine, stress management techniques, and sleeping habits. 


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